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History of Birthstones

Far back in history Precious Stones have been held in high estimation by all nations. Primarily because of their beauty but also on account of their virtues, as transmitters of good luck and to avert misfortune.

The association of Gems with power, civil and religious adds to the mystery in the history of birthstones.

The history of birthstones involves the lives of many historical figures as Precious Stones are seen as signs of power, wealth and luxury.

The history of birthstones and precious jewels have therefore played an important part in the lives of the great, not only on account of their beauty but because they contained the equivalent to a large sum of money and in times of danger could easily be concealed and carried from place to place.

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Earliest History of Birthstones
It is difficult to determine with any certainty in what country Precious Stones were first worn as ornaments, but the consensus of opinion seems to point to India, as far as recognised history is concerned, as their birthplace because their first mining and production is always associated with the East. The earliest records of history also include the discoveries of travellers and the traditions of South America, evidence proving an inheritance from past civilisations of great antiquity.

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History of Birthstones

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